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A Moment To Vent: A Story Of My Disgust For The 2011 College Football Season

Posted in College Football, Pissed!!!!, Sports on January 11, 2012 by Dustin Lerch

We are a couple days removed now from the “It Should Have Never Happened” bowl game that was the National Championship on Monday Night. Say what you want about my name for the game but this is my Blog and that is what I coined it so that is what it shall be referred to as. Why am I so adament about this game happening? Well for one thing, IT ALREADY HAPPENED!!! Another reason though is that LSU got the shaft with this one. You can say what you want about Oklahoma State and how they were the ones that got screwed here but you will never convince me. Sure Oklahoma State deserved just as much of a shot as Alabama and maybe they deserved it even more than Alabama in some regards. But the argument here is how a team that goes perfect through the regular season, is the ONLY team in college football that is 13-0 has to defend their right to be called the National Champion. Not only that, they have to defend their right against a team that already helped them get to that 13-0 mark by beating them in a game that was coined “Game of the Century.” Say what you want about missed field goals and deliver any other excuse you can for Alabama but at the end of the day LSU went to Alabama and was on the right end of the scoreboard in a snooze fest of a game that ended 9-6. While I did not watch this game Monday night it is clear it wasn’t much better as 15 of Alabama’s points were score on what…yes field goals. The BCS system can say what they want about the regular season and say all day long that they want to allow the regular season to mean something and they feel a playoff system in college football could take away some of the meaning of the regular season. Yet this season they told LSU that the regular season means absolutely nothing to them. LSU in the regular season beat Alabama and in the postseason they have to beat Alabama again before they can be called National Champs…and anyone with half a brain knows how difficult it is to beat the same team twice in one season. I agree that if they are such a great team and they are indeed 13-0 and the best college team this season they should have won the game regardless. But there are so many other things that affect the game of football and that is not always the case. The best team doesn’t always win the game. LSU should have never had to play that game…instead after their amazing regular season, that supposedly has so much meaning to everyone, they should have been crowned national champs. If you wanted to put a game in that place have Alabama and Oklahoma State play for second place and end their argument right then and there. But no….the BCS had to take away everything that was great about LSU’s season and make them play in a game that they already played in and they lost. So now Alabama gets to celebrate as the National Champs even though they didn’t win their conference and they didn’t beat LSU in the regular season but they got another chance and sometimes that’s all you need. LSU was robbed and my opinion on that will never change no matter what arguments people want to come at me with.

Also let it be known that I am an Oklahoma Sooners fan so all of this is a total unbiased opinion as it has absolutely no affect on my team…so don’t come at me with LSU or SEC bias. Anti-BCS bias sure you can give me that…but I have been a supporter of the BCS that passed few years when everyone else has bashed it.