A Moment To Vent: A Story Of My Disgust For The 2011 College Football Season

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We are a couple days removed now from the “It Should Have Never Happened” bowl game that was the National Championship on Monday Night. Say what you want about my name for the game but this is my Blog and that is what I coined it so that is what it shall be referred to as. Why am I so adament about this game happening? Well for one thing, IT ALREADY HAPPENED!!! Another reason though is that LSU got the shaft with this one. You can say what you want about Oklahoma State and how they were the ones that got screwed here but you will never convince me. Sure Oklahoma State deserved just as much of a shot as Alabama and maybe they deserved it even more than Alabama in some regards. But the argument here is how a team that goes perfect through the regular season, is the ONLY team in college football that is 13-0 has to defend their right to be called the National Champion. Not only that, they have to defend their right against a team that already helped them get to that 13-0 mark by beating them in a game that was coined “Game of the Century.” Say what you want about missed field goals and deliver any other excuse you can for Alabama but at the end of the day LSU went to Alabama and was on the right end of the scoreboard in a snooze fest of a game that ended 9-6. While I did not watch this game Monday night it is clear it wasn’t much better as 15 of Alabama’s points were score on what…yes field goals. The BCS system can say what they want about the regular season and say all day long that they want to allow the regular season to mean something and they feel a playoff system in college football could take away some of the meaning of the regular season. Yet this season they told LSU that the regular season means absolutely nothing to them. LSU in the regular season beat Alabama and in the postseason they have to beat Alabama again before they can be called National Champs…and anyone with half a brain knows how difficult it is to beat the same team twice in one season. I agree that if they are such a great team and they are indeed 13-0 and the best college team this season they should have won the game regardless. But there are so many other things that affect the game of football and that is not always the case. The best team doesn’t always win the game. LSU should have never had to play that game…instead after their amazing regular season, that supposedly has so much meaning to everyone, they should have been crowned national champs. If you wanted to put a game in that place have Alabama and Oklahoma State play for second place and end their argument right then and there. But no….the BCS had to take away everything that was great about LSU’s season and make them play in a game that they already played in and they lost. So now Alabama gets to celebrate as the National Champs even though they didn’t win their conference and they didn’t beat LSU in the regular season but they got another chance and sometimes that’s all you need. LSU was robbed and my opinion on that will never change no matter what arguments people want to come at me with.

Also let it be known that I am an Oklahoma Sooners fan so all of this is a total unbiased opinion as it has absolutely no affect on my team…so don’t come at me with LSU or SEC bias. Anti-BCS bias sure you can give me that…but I have been a supporter of the BCS that passed few years when everyone else has bashed it.


We Bought A Zoo: Reviewed

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In 2011, Cameron Crowe (Say Anything, Jerry Maguire) has returned to the directors chair after a 6 year hiatus with We Bought A Zoo, a family comedy/drama that stars Matt Damon(The Bourne Identity, Good Will Hunting) and Scarlett Johannson (Iron Man, The Prestige). The film is based on memoirs written by the real life Benjamin Mee who Matt Damon portrays in the film.

Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon), a recent widower, struggles through the daily routine of being a single father while also coping with the recent death of his wife due to illness. Mee is constantly given subtle little reminders of her and refuses to go anywhere that himself and her used to go to while she was alive. Mee in seeking a change and a fresh start for him and his kids, Dylan and Rosie who are played by Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones, begins to look for a new house with his daughter Rosie. They go through the search until they finally found the house that they truly want, a house that they learn is also a zoo. Benjamin is reluctant about buying the house because he knows nothing about owning a zoo. But then he sees how excited Rosie is and how well she does with the animals and decides to buy it despite the reluctancy. With the help of the zoo staff lead by the lead zookeeper, Kelly Foster (Scarlet Johannson), Benjamin and his family have to get the zoo cleaned up and in regulation with the plan to open up for the summer. Mee has to deal with struggles between him and his son, complications with some of the animals, problems with the staff, and the daily stress of getting the zoo ready for a very deep inspection before the opening of the zoo. To close it all out, he takes his children and faces a fear that had been haunting him. All of these things made We Bought A Zoo a fun and highly enjoyable film to close out the year 2011.

Matt Damon has always been one of those actors that either got way too much praise than he deserved or way too much criticism than he deserved. I personally have always liked Matt Damon and for the most part have enjoyed his films, of course there is the forgettable dud from time to time. But for me Good Will Hunting and the three Bourne films that he starred in will always keep him in the mix of actors I highly enjoy watching. His portrayel of Benjamin Mee in We Bought A Zoo really gave Damon a chance to show the range that he can possess if given the right material. The role was a bit of an emotional roller coaster with different peaks and valleys and I feel Damon played it very well and it was believable in all of it, which for me is the most important thing. There was also a bit of a dry humor mixed in that I found to be incredibly fun to watch. Matt Damons performance in the film was a true delight to watch and seemed to carry on to some of the other actors in the film. Scarlet Johannson has always been one of my favorite actresses not only in the looks department but also in the fact that she has a lot of acting talent. She has had so many great roles in her career, a career that she stared at a young age and it’s been fun watching her grow up in film and watching her grow as an actress. While she wasn’t quite up to that standard that she set in previous films, she was still enjoyable to watch and for any other actress this would probably have been a great performance. Her connection with Matt Damon seemed to grow throughout the film as the relationship between the two charaters changed.

On the flip side of that, I dreaded the parts when Colin Ford, who played Benjamin’s teenage son Dylan, was on the screen. I haven’t quite decided if I was so disgusted because of him or because he played the role of whiney, selfish teenage boy so well. The latter seems to be a more logical explanation for it because he was most definitely all of those things. Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Benjamin’s daughter Rosie, and Elle Fanning played incredibly cute roles in the film but it seemed to get to be way too much cuteness. It seemed like any time there was a down moment Crowe said “oh lets shown some cuteness from the two young girls on the set.” Which works for your average moviegoer so good job Crowe, but it doesn’t work for me. Amongst all of this you have some excellent comedic relief delivered by a few actors, Thomas Haden Church, Angus MacFadyen, and John Michael Higgins. Anytime one of those three actors were on the screen I was waiting with anticipation for the hilarity to begin.

We Bought A Zoo was a film that I had relatively high expectations for and when that occurs I am always so worried that it isn’t going to meet those expectations. Those expectations were met so I wasn’t disappointed when the credits rolled but it did seem that an opportunity for a great film was wasted. The film had a little bit of everything and some of the performances delivered were very good and highly enjoyable. It’s a film that I had fun watching and I did enjoy but when it’s all said and done it feels like Cameron Crowe could have taken this material and made it into something so much better instead of wasting it in scenes that seemed to have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the film. Definitely worth a watch but in the end just feels like an opportunity was wasted.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Real Steel: A Review

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Very seldom, of late, have I gone into a movie with very low expectations and come out of the film pleasently surprised. Real Steel changed that for me. Real Steel is a 2011 sci-fi, action flick that stars Hugh Jackman(X-Men, The Prestige) and is directed by Shawn Levy(Night At The Museum, Date Night).

The film is set in the year 2020 and revolves around the world of robot boxing, robots have replaced humans in the sport of boxing. Charlie Kenton(Jackman), a former boxer himself, is an active member in the sport as he builds and buys these robots and then puts them in matches to make money. Charlie recieves what he believes to be a goldmine when he finds out that a past girlfriend of his, who beared his child eleven years prior, had died and her sister(Hope Davis) wants custody of their son. Charlie finds a way to get money out of the deal but still has to take his son, Max(Dakota Goyo), for the summer. Charlie plans to leave Max with his friend Bailey(Evangeline Lilly) for the summer while he goes out on the road with his robot. Max tricks Charlie and makes him take him with him. One night the two go to a robot junkyard looking for parts to build a new robot, an accident occurs and Max is “saved” by what turns out to be a robot buried in the sand. Max digs up the robot, gets the robot all cleaned up, and insists to Charlie that they take the robot out to start fighting. The problem is this robot wasn’t built for fighting, it was built solely for the purpose of sparring. But Max doesn’t give up and Charlie gives in and takes Max and his robot to a fight.

This film is the definition of everything that is a true underdog story. I have heard it called “Rocky with robots” and it is definitely a fighting title. The fight scenes between the robots were actually very well done. One thing that tends to be common in films that contain robots is the motion of the robots, they are not very fluid in their motion and it is very noticeable. With this film if it existed it wasn’t as noticeable or it didn’t jump off the screen screaming at me.

Hugh Jackman has become the next big action star in Hollywood and he gets a lot of hype because of it. Hype that I have not given in to because in my eyes there is more to being an actor than just being a great action star. To me Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and that’s about it. This film is an addition to a few movies that he has done in which he wasn’t playing his typical action star role. He did a fairly decent job in this role going from the guy that had no emotional ties and was completely happy with that at the beginning of the film, to the guy that appeared to start feeling emotion and having a heart. He did both of them very well and was very believable. But I still need to see more roles like this before I am willing to give it up to him. The rest of the supporting cast, though they didn’t seem to be too involved in the film aside from the robots and Max, did a very good job when they were on screen.

I gave this film a couple days after I watched it to soak in because I wanted to make sure I didn’t write a review and give it undeserving high praise just because I was so surprised by the film. This was a film I went so far as to making fun of before I saw it because it seemed like a premise based on a toy, Sockem’ Boppers, something that I’m sure many other people believed as well. Much to my surprise it was more than just that, the plot of the film was actually very well done and highly enjoyable. It won’t make lists of best films of 2011 and it won’t garnish awards, it definitely is not that kind of film. But it was a highly entertaining film, one of those films that actually surpises you by how much you actually do enjoy it, so long as you don’t have overly high expectations, in which case I have no idea how you could have high expectations for a film like this. If you are someone like me that had absolutely no expectations to even see this film I encourage you to suck it up and give it a go, you may very well be as pleasantly surprised as I was. This is definitely one of my biggest surprises of the year.

3 out of 5 stars

Welcome to my Blog!!

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This is the blog of me, Dustin Lerch. I will mostly be using this blog for movie reviews that I write but you may also see an occasional review on a game that I’m playing and I feel like raving, or even a CD that I have been listening to, or maybe even an occasional book or comic that I have been reading/read. I have a voice and I’ve got a lot to say!!! Hope you enjoy my blog if you have come to visit.